Great Fun at the Festival

We’re having a great time at the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival. Our friend Tom Mason was playing Saturday, (Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers) and he dragged us (and most of the audience) onstage to take part in the fun. There were many, many photos to be taken with people who wanted a picture with the pirates.

Rather than writing all day about it (we want to get to the beach this afternoon!) here’s a bunch of pix of the fun. In some of the pix you’ll notice I got a little sun, my face is a little sunburned. Naturally I did that on purpose so I’d be better color coordinated with my new shirt! Most of these pix are by Tori (Mad Sally, the official lusty pirate wencfh) which explains why she’s not in most of them.

  • IMG_1407
    Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers
    Max (the Rum Monkey) and Ol’ Chumbucket sharing the stage with the band.
    Tom staggers through “Throw Me in the Drink,” always a crowd favorite.

    Mad Sally, lookin’ dead sexy!
  • IMG_1417
    Tom Mason
  • IMG_1432
    Chamber of Commerce director Ted welcomes Ol’ Chumbucket to Fort Walton Beach.
    Ol’ Chumbucket and the dread Pirate cutie.
    Ol’ Chumbucket helps judge the “talk like a pirate” contest for the kiddies.
    Leading the crowd in the song, “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” which Ol’ Chumbucket helped Tom Mason, write, although Tom was being way too kind in giving him credit.
    The finalists of the pirate palaver contest. (The short ones, the kids. The rest of us are just pirates.)
    IMG_1504 (2)
    Ol’ CHumbucket shares his copy of The Writer with the local pirates. (This is a promotional shot I sent to the magazine. We’ll see if anything comes of it.)
    Mad Sally and Ol’ Chumbucket demonstrate proper pirate parenting with son Max the Rum Monkey.
    Ol’ Chumbucket and Lee, the violinist from the Blue Buccaneers.
    Ol’ Chumbucket, Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers.

    IMG_1565 (1)
    Thanks, Tom, for a great day at the festival!

3 thoughts on “Great Fun at the Festival

  1. A HEARTY CHEERS TO ALL! The comradery of this noble lot was unsurpassed. Truly my personal greatest pleasure at Bowlegs was the company of Ol Chumbucket and Crew, Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers; Leandria, Pete, Jeff & Crew. Cheers Mates! A true pleasure…


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