Well, THAT’S Encouraging!

Received the first “blurb” for “Chrissie,” and when you read it, you’ll understand why tears came to my eyes. They really did.

“If you like pirate yarns, adventure tales, wry humor, or just books, chart a swift course for Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter. Talk Like a Pirate Day founder and renowned pirate scribe John Baur’s first stab at young-adult fiction features top-notch characterization, breathtaking battle scenes, and as much plot as your favorite Rafael Sabatini and Hunger Games novels—combined. What’s more, Baur layers in maritime verisimilitude as well as anyone since Patrick O’Brian. You will taste the salt air. You will feel the four-pound cannonballs whistling past. You will not be able to wait to set sail with Chrissie Warren and her crew again.”

– Keith Thomson, NY Times bestselling author of Once a Spy and Pirates of Pensacola

Thomson’s book, “Pirates of Pensacola,” is one of my three or four all-time favorite pirate stories, so this meant a lot coming from him. You can read more about his at his site, http://keiththomsonbooks.com/

I’ve got nothing else to say, after that. Damn near took my breath away. Now, back to work.

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