I Can Hardly Wait

You know what I’m looking forward to? Writing!

The past three weeks have been taken up with editing, and editing, and editing ad infinitum. Then the last three or four days now I’ve been struggling with various services to get the book up as an ebook and a trade paperback and to set up a place to take orders for the limited edition hardcover (in time for Christmas! Makes a great gift!) Ought to be finished sometime today.

Then I’m going to take one day off. And then I’m going to start writing. Because that’s how I got started with all this in the first place, and it’s the one thing I haven’t been able to do.

And I’ve got a full plate. I have a deadline in two weeks for the serial I’m writing for Mutiny Magazine, and I have a project I want to start. I want it to go from an idea in my head to Work in Progress, but haven’t had time in months to even take notes. And there’s talk about a sequel for the book I just released. And of course the will be plenty of work to do marketing (or hyping, flogging, selling – you pick the verb) the book that’s out there.

So I could stand to get my fingers flying. But no, as soon as I finish this I have to get back on CreateSpace to make sure everything is working properly.

Oh well, with luck, by Thursday.

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