THAT Makes It Really Real!

Stepped out the side door this morning and there it was. A box. A big box.

I had been expecting it next week, so I didn’t let myself get too carried away. But then I saw the return address – CreateSpace.

It was the books – 25 copies of “Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter.” I had never seen, touched, held or – dare I say? – fondled my book yet, and there it was.

I was hoping they’d be delivered by next Wednesday, the day before I fly to L.A. for my first book event. They were a week early. Sp that’s a check mark in the plus column for CreateSpace. They get the job done.

I did not get misty or tear up. I admit, however, that as I put the box on the counter and carefully cut it open, I was having a little trouble inhaling and exhaling.

Gotta tell ya, that’s as beautiful a thing as I’ve seen in a while.

And to top it off, two hours later the mailman brought the postcards. We had designed and ordered 500 postcards for marketing – ordering information on one side, the cover on the other. Tori has been assembling a list of newspapers, bookstores and other places to send them to. They’ll also come in handy if I go to an event and (oh please, god, please) sell out of the books on hand. I’ll be able to give them the card so they can order it on their own. Hell, I’ll even sign the card for them.

So we’re in business. Chrissie is here, and we’ve got work to do. Because now it’s really real.

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