A Small Thrill at the Bookstore

Got a bit of a thrill Tuesday. My book, “Chrissie Warren” Pirate Hunter,” is now listed in Ingram’s, which means it’s now available through bookstores.

Naturally, the first thing I did on getting the news was head down to the nearest bookstore where I asked if it was possible to order a book. I gave him the title, and in a matter of seconds of tapping on the keyboard, he asked, “By John Baur?”

Sure enough, they could order a copy for me! I decided against it since I have quite a few here already. But it was great to know it was available. And when I explained tothe guy why I wasn’t going to order it, he smiled and wished me luck.

So people who prefer supporting local merchants can order it and get it within two weeks.

It’s also available on Amazon, of course, in both paperback and ebook editions. But this is another way people can find it, and maybe if people start ordering it the bookstores will get interested and start stocking it.

It wasn’t quite as exciting a moment as opening the box and seeing the book for the first time, but it was a pretty good moment.