A Solid Delivery from FedEx

We all do it – don’t we? The FedEx truck heads down your street, or the brown UPS van, and you watch it drive by, maybe with your arms extended as if beseeching the driver, but he drives on by. Sometimes he acknowledges the comedy with a smile or a wave, but usually he’s in too much of a hurry and drives on by.

I’m not alone in this, right? We all do it? Or is my penchant for street theater surfacing again?

File Dec 01, 1 08 41 PMAnyway, the FedEx guy drove down the street yesterday and – he stopped at my house! And dropped off two boxes of books!

It’s the hardcover, a special, one-printing-only version, signed and numbered by yours truly, with special interior illustrations only available in this edition. And, like I said before, people were willing to pay a premium to get it. It was my alternative to trying a Kickstarter campaign. In truth, it was only semi-successful – I didn’t sell as many as I’d hoped, but did sell more than I’d feared. So I made back a little of the overhead for getting the book out.

And I’ve gotta tell you – as exciting as the first box of paperbacks was when it arrived, the hardcovers were so much more. There’s something about a hardcover that is so much more impressive. It’s solid. It’s a book.

It’s also a quick and easy Christmas present for my kids, who no doubt will be thrilled. (Well, it’s “a” gift, not all any of them are getting.)

Now I’ve gotta sit down and start signing them. They have to go out by the end of the week. I’ve bought a special pen for them (which also can go on my taxes as a business expense) and I’ve gotta get to work.

“Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter” is now on sale at these sites

And here it is. Days of anxious waiting are over and now “Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter” is available for sale. Now months of anxious waiting are on the horizon as I try to keep from obsessing on sales numbers – if any.

Here are the links:

csFINALfrontFor the trade paperback edition ($12.95, 268 pages)

This link takes you to the CreateSpace estore, where the paperback is loaded.

This link takes you to the site where you can advance order a special, signed and numbered hardcover edition: ($45, 272 pages)

This is a one-time-only limited edition hardcover of “Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter,” signed and numbered by the author. This volume also contains three interior illustrations by cover artist/designer Katherine J. Bishop, not contained in the paperback.

Orders will remain open through Nov. 1. When orders close, that’s how many copies will be printed. They will be shipped to me where I sign them and mail them to those who bought them. They will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. This is the only opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book online.

When you order, make sure you use the “Notes to Seller” tab at the bottom of the checkout page to tell me who you want the book signed to – your name, or the name of someone you intend to send it to as a gift. Otherwise i’ll just sign my name.

And of course, the Kindle version has been available all week. If you’re a Kindle reader, you can purchase it here:

And the first person to purchase the Kindle version has already posted an Amazon review, which I’ll share here, because, well, damn.

“This is a very compelling story, moving at a great pace. I hope there is a sequel in the works, because the story leaves you wanting more, in a good way. While I am technically not a young adult, I think they will enjoy this, too.” D. Van Middlesworth

I know that eventually someone is going to write a pan, tell me it’s a terrible book and I’m a terrible writer, because that’s the nature of the beast. I’m practicing being philosophical. I’m also laying in a supply of rum.