Chrissie Warren: Cover Girl

And now, the moment I have been waiting for (maybe you all have been too, but I know for a fact I have, anxiously) the cover of Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter. Drum roll please!


It was designed by Katherine J. Bishop. She was a high school friend of our daughter, Millie, back on St. Croix. Katherine recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, and that girl learned some stuff! You can see her portfolio online here.

They say that your cover is the one of the most important elements in generating book sales. It’s not that people “judge” the book by its cover, but they sure are more likely to pick it up if a bright, attractive cover catches their eyes. And a shoddy cover is more likely to make them feel the book is shoddy. So in the long run it pays to invest in a good cover. And I got a good one! Thanks Katherine!

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